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Our bTeam counts with more than 50 years of cumulated experience on GNSS, thanks to strong implication on the main European GNSS programs in close collaboration with the main actors of the European GNSS marketplace.


ABBIA is one of the pioneer companies of EGNOS program, ABBIA staff has been involved from the beginning with an integrated team on the prime contractor working on different areas: Algorithms and Performances of the CPF (Central Processing Facility), AIV-IVQ (Integration/Validation and Qualification), Maintenance and Operations, System Engineering and Support Tools for Qualification, Sub-contractors management and different system evolutions studies.


ABBIA has strong implication on the Ground Mission Segment (GMS) of Galileo program since the preliminary phases of Galileo IOV having an integrated team within GMS prime contractor. Special expertise on the Galileo Processing chain in charge of the generation and dissemination of the navigation message (GSS, OSPF, MGF, ULS), as well as on the Galileo Operation Chain (MSF, MUCF, GACF) and training platform (VTP)

ABBIA has developed a recognized expertise on the following areas:


Expertise on GNSS Algorithms conception and development covering key areas: Signal Processing, Receivers positioning, SBAS SIS Performance, Integrity, Ionosphere and Scintillation, Orbitography and Synchronization. Deep knowledge on the EGNOS CPF and Galileo GMS estimation and prediction algorithms . Responsible of the EGNOS Performance Budget Management File (PBMF) on several evolutive releases.


Expertise on key platforms embedding complex algorithms for propagation and estimation. ABBIA is the reference company on the EGNOS SPEED simulator platforms for operations and training. Deep expertise on the scenario data generation, configuration tuning, and experimentation campaigns using known simulators: EGNOS End-To-End Simulator (EETES) and the Galileo GMS Engineering Tool Environment (ETE).


AIV-IVQ expertise for complex systems, tests definition and execution and reporting, integration with workarounds implementation, verification matrices traceability implementation, knowledge of system qualification procedures using ESA Standards ECCS and the Galileo Software Standards GSWS. Special expertise on the conception and implementation of qualified tools to verify performance requirements.


ABBIA is familiarized with the Operations Concept (CONOPS) with strong implication in Maintenance Concept of EGNOS and Galileo. Being specialized in software maintenance, ABBIA has the capability to provide analyses of system nonconformance (NC), trouble-shooting activities (TS) and Observation reporting (OR). Special knowledge on the system tools for troubleshooting on daily activities for EGNOS and Galileo.




This is our ENGINE. Imagination leads to creativity without boundaries to solve daily problems and face new coming challenges. Some hours of the week are dedicated to crazy ideas and new projects, every single idea is always good to dig for innovation.


This is our FOCUS. Focus is always put in giving the best quality of service to successfully satisfy customer needs. Having the opportunity to daily work with key actors on the European Aerospace sector contributes to work with a strong sense of discipline and commitment at the highest levels.


This is our ENERGY. The fuel that feeds the engine of creativity by providing us the motivation to get up everyday so as to build the bMission: make the World a better place.


This is our VEHICLE. Talent defines the bTeam, our main capital, always engaged to go beyond the limits with continuous training and high complementarity thanks to its multidisciplinary and multicultural nature.

Our bClients talk about us


International Lead Auditor Aerospace/Defence - AFNOR Certification (IAQG)

Innovation and research on technologies of the future, leading to products and services, demonstrates how the company is able to assert itself on a worldwide market as a privileged partner for main ordering customers and other related companies in the digital economy. This website accompanies the strategic plan conceived by the company, by associating its high-level expertise employees market-driven with its stakeholders.

Guillermo SALGADO

Galileo Ground Mission Segment (GMS) Project Manager at Thales Alenia Space

Abbia was created by a group of engineers with whom we've been working for the past 10 years. Their relational and technical skills laid down the foundations for a relation that has prevailed since the beginning of their company. They reviewed their positioning in the past few years with great ambition and pragmatism, and a strong interaction with their clients to provide them visibility and the possibility to adapt Abbia's services to their needs. The reason we maintain our trust in Abbia is their listening and high technical expertise, but also their loyalty, adaptability and pragmatism. With Abbia we are sure to have feasible and innovating solutions in our systems.

Carlos Lopez de ECHAZARRETA

EGNOS System Performance Principal Engineer - European Space Agency (ESA)

Technical expertise, reliability, flexibility, quick response to customer needs, innovative solutions and quality of work. These are the qualities I have experienced with ABBIA. I look forward to collaborating with them in the future.

Philippe LEMEU

Director of EGNOS European Navigation program - Thales Alenia Space France

After all these years as ABBIA’s customer, I have seen it born, grow and evolve always keeping the cornerstone values. ABBIA is supported by a strong technical competence, true human qualities of respect on the others and an open mind where confidence can be installed. Having ABBIA as a partner is the guarantee that you will be listened and understood as a customer where adapted and innovative solutions will be proposed to answer your need.

Frederic BAUER

EGNOS Program Performance Manager - Thales Alenia Space France

Technical expertise, reactivity, quality of advice, being available and attentive to the customer. These are qualities I have seen in ABBIA for a long time. Several collaborations with ABBIA were born in that way, all of them successful, and allowed us to build the foundations of a trusting relationship. It is with pleasure that I pursue my collaboration with them.


Thanks for your subscription !

Thanks for your subscription !