OASIS Software Tool Box

We have developed a set of Software tools that allow us to answer to daily customer needs OASIS suite product is a software toolbox allowing to perform different analyses on the estimation, prediction, propagation models covering a wide range of GNSS topics and in particular on DFMC SBAS.

DFMC SBAS Worldwide Performance Monitoring including analyses at satellite and ionosphere level.

User position solution estimation from receiver raw measurements applying GPS-only or DFMC SBAS solutions.

Analysis of receiver signal quality performance in terms of Signal to Noise Ratio and measurement code & phase noise for different carrier frequencies.

IONO Scintillation modelling in amplitude and phase based on statistical characterization as well as impact on the GNSS receiver performances in terms of Loss-Of-Lock, Cycle Slips and Noise.

SBAS Ionosphere Monitoring and ionosphere based on public access ionospheric (IONEX format files) and magnetic data (Ap, kp, SSN) showing VTEC maps and video motion as well as some gradients characterization.

Raw Data generator producing RINEX observation and ephemeris files from a given constellation propagation and a network of ground receivers. It includes a complete orbit propagator from initial state position & velocity vector using internal precise dynamic models.
It also allows to inject in a coherent and controlled manner modifications (signal characteristics, scintillation effects, clocks effects…) in RINEX observation files for applications testing purpose.

Ionospheric delay propagation of STEC and VTEC based on NeQuick model using the Effective Ionization Parameters (AZ) as input information. It includes a complete STEC and VTEC characterization in terms of AATR (Along-Arc TEC rate) and temporal and spatial gradients.

Algorithm model for ionospheric and Hardware biases estimation from a ground monitoring bi-frequency network and GPS constellation.